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My uncle has chronic leukemia?

Will he survive? He's well in his fifties and today I found out he has cancer in his blood. But mostly children and younger people get this type of cancer. He is low on protein in his body and I guess his white blood cells are 'eating' his red ones ?

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    Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia comes in stages. If he is stage one he will be all right for awhile.

    When he goes up in stages treatment will be required. Children dont usually get CLL its middle age & over who get this. It can remain slow progress for years on others its more of a rapid progress.

    Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, and Stage IV Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Treatment of stage I, stage II, stage III, and stage IV chronic lymphocytic leukemia may include the following:

    Watchful waiting when there are few or no symptoms.

    Monoclonal antibody therapy.

    Chemotherapy with 1 or more drugs, with or without steroids or monoclonal antibody therapy.

    Low- dose external radiation therapy to areas of the body where cancer is found, such as the spleen or lymph nodes.

    A clinical trial of chemotherapy and biologic therapy with stem cell transplant.

    No one can really tell you how long he may live. That would depend how fast CLL progresses.

    It varies with people .

    Source(s): Ex -- husband has stage one CLL
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