how to get apps on xperia play without applanet?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Zal is working hard to get the server ip issue fix now that his ISP is done being retarded...

    I would try

    or simple google search... youd be freakin amazed!!!!!!!!! you this format

    <name of app> apk download

    so, if I wanted Weatherbug Elite ($3.99 normally and free on applanet), ill simply go to and type in

    Weatherbug elite apk download... BAM!!!!!!!!! pick you download site.. install to pc/laptop... transfer apk to SD card on your phone or email yourself... allow unknown sources to ON in settings>applications.... open apk, install, walla...

    now repeat this for 98% of all apps... Im still trying to find Free MP3 Download by zap zap apps (my fav mp3 downloader and lost it durng a recent ROM flash)

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