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How bright does the ISS actually appear when going overhead? Brighter than Venus?

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    Yes. The ISS is the THIRD brightest thing in sky, After the Sun And Moon, and before Jupiter and Venus. This has been true for more than two years, since the last solar panels were installed early in 2009.

    "...–12.92 Maximum brightness of full Moon (mean is –12.74)[4]

    –11.20 Sun as seen from Sedna at aphelion

    –9.50 Maximum brightness of an Iridium (satellite) flare

    –7.50 The SN 1006 supernova of AD 1006, the brightest stellar event in recorded history[6]

    –6.50 The total integrated magnitude of the night sky as seen from Earth

    –6.00 The Crab Supernova (SN 1054) of AD 1054 (6500 light years away)[7]

    –5.9 International Space Station (when the ISS is at its perigee and fully lit by the Sun)[8]

    –4.89 Maximum brightness of Venus[9] when illuminated as a crescent

    –4.00 Faintest objects observable during the day with naked eye when Sun is high

    –3.99 Maximum brightness of Epsilon Canis Majoris, the brightest star of the last and next five million years

    –3.82 Minimum brightness of Venus when it is on the far side of the Sun

    –2.94 Maximum brightness of Jupiter[10]

    –2.91 Maximum brightness of Mars[11]



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    10 years ago

    Ya, I'd say brighter than venus. But then again, where I am, I really can't see the stars at night. I did see the ISS though. And it's quite easy to spot since it's moving across the sky. The problem is, you need to be looking up at the right time. If you've got a chance to see, you better be looking because it's not gonna be up there much longer, or so I've heard.

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    If it is passing overhead an hour so after sunset, (or an hour or so before sunrise) it will be very bright, because it is in full sun and you will see it against a dark sky. But Venus is also very bright - not sure which is brighter.

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