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I have to right a essay on the worst job you could think of.. so i decided to do the government....?

Ok so im spost to write a essay on the worse job you can think of.. and i chosed the federal government.. can anyone help me with some ideas and what to wright about ? thanks in advance


More along the lines of corruption lies deception and what not... its not spost to be a good reason to work forth the government

Update 2:

ONCE AGAIN I SAID WORKING IN TEH FEDERAL GOVERNMENT... And no i dont watch too much tv i barely watch it at all.. also they do all teh above i stated the federal government is fkin corrupt

Update 3:

Yes i know i misspelled i dont need spell check..I was just typing to was and not paying attention when i wrote this

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    10 years ago
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    "The federal government" is not a job. There are thousands of different federal government jobs, and none of them are the worst. If you're wanting to argue corruption, lies, and deception, however, you might could pin it down to "senator" or "representative."

  • 10 years ago

    lies and deception simply working as a federal worker? You watch too much TV.

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    10 years ago

    worst job,i wish i had a government job...try a job with bad pay, no medical, no dental,no sick days, no retirement,sorry *** hours,part time,and get yelled at all the time cause your the new guy and don't know what your doing, and your boss sucks ,steals hours of your check and makes you pay for any supplies you need,try being a tile installer,and this is a good job!there are worse jobs out there

  • The worst job I can think of? How about "person who has to read this essay"?

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  • 10 years ago

    Nate, after you write your essay please use spell check so you won't lose points for spelling after you do all that work. You spelled the word "write" 3 different ways in your question.

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