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Do you know los Angeles ?

I am British writing a story based in Los Angels a place were I have never been. I need a place for one of my characters to live and it has to be on the other side of town to the staples center in downtown Los Angeles do you think you can help me ?

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    The Staples Center is in the center of Los Angeles, which means "the other side of town could be in any direction.

    To the west, the "other side of town" would be West L.A. (a primarily white area, with mostly upscale neighborhoods such as Westwood, Santa Monica, Century City, Venice, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Malibu). It is probably what most people might think of if you said you had to be on the other side of town.

    To the east is East L.A., a primarily Hispanic/Mexican part of town, mostly working class, with some gang problems, and neighborhoods such as Boyle Heights and Lincoln Heights.

    To the south is what is frequently referred to as "South Central", and was, in the past, a primarily black/African American area. More recently, however, the Hispanic population has begun growing there. Like East L.A., there are gangs problems, and even more poverty, in neighborhoods like Watts and Compton.

    You can't go north without crossing the hills into the Valley, and that's not really "the other side of town" - it's thought of more as a separate area, although the Valley is actually part of Los Angeles. It is generally thought of as a primarily white, middle class, series of residential communities filled with boring tract houses. And while that's not completely true, it's not completely inaccurate, either.

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    A few facts about Los Angeles. No. 1. Of the some 460 square miles of corporate Los Angeles approximately 1/3 is green, and will remain green. Approximately 300 sq. miles truly available for development. Of this 300 approx. 50 sq. miles of limited development due to hills, valleys, etc. This leaves some 250 sq. miles for true development. Much of this zoned for single family, often located on the 'valley' side of the hills. The "city" side of LA is already very highly developed and will become much more so. More multistory and high rise clearly on the way. Few residents truly know or understand Los Angeles. It is not some sort of urban Disneyland, but a big, expensive and competitive city. A real metro.........get used to it.

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