How is aircraft separation done? Step by step would be awesome :)?

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    10 years ago
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    There are a number of methods for this.

    1.Altitude separation-by an altitude assigned by air traffic control, in charted procedures or for VFR traffic by rules which both separate them from IFR traffic and from eastbound vs. westbound VFR traffic.

    2.Lateral separation-this is achieved through a variety of methods depending on the type of operation and its routing and location. For positive control flights (under Air Traffic Control) separation is achieved through a combination of speed control, routing and monitoring. Monitoring can happen though radar monitoring of the aircraft's location, track, planned route and its speed and altitude or autonomously through ADS (automatic dependent surveillance) systems which use the aircraft's own position, speed and altitude information data linked to the controlling ATC facility or alternatively by compliance with specificly assigned routes and speeds and radioed position reporting.

    3. By pilot visual contact with other aircraft and pilot controlled separation.

    4. By use of Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) which detect potential collisions and provide avoidance maneuvres.

    5. By direct radio instructions, such as from local ATC facilities (ground control, the control tower etc.)

    6. By pilot compliance with specific charted routing and altitude guidance during departure, arrival and approach.

    Source(s): B747-400 Captain
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    Separation is the primary function of air traffic control.

    Step by Step?

    1. Check for possible traffic conflicts before providing clearance for the route.

    2. Make sure that you do not clear the plane for takeoff until the previous departing flight is a couple of miles away.

    3. If aircraft start to get closer together, tell one to turn, or to change speed, or climb or descend.

    4. The process is repeated by various controllers until the plane reaches it's destination and landing (don't clear the plane to land until the previous arrival has cleared the runway)

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    vertical separation or horizontal separation also IFR or VFR it does make a difference

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