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Chicharito Hernandez would of been on the list of ALL-TIME Gold Cup scorers if he didn't fail all those shots?

Against El Salvador, Cuba & Costa Rica?

BQ: Do you think he will make his way to this list in this gold cup?

Rank Player Goals

1 Luis Roberto Alves 12

Landon Donovan 12

3 Eric Wynalda 9

Carlos Pavón 9

Walter Centeno 9

6- Brian McBride 8

Update 2:

My bad I mean't to ask if you think Javier Hernandez will land somewhere on this list in his 1st Gold Cup this year..he has 5 goals

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    His still young and can learn ally in Man U and from his mistakes there's still time for more improvement he can pass those 12 goals but you can expect him to do everything right now he has many years ahead of him just give him time besides there's still more games to play in the Gold Cup he can maybe still pass it hopefully.

    EDIT:Since he has 5 goals and there's the quarterfinals,semifinals, and the final I think he still hS time to score 8 or 9 goals maybe 10 but I think that he will at least pass mcbride and maybe hopefully he will pas the others with 9 goals.

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    rattling. that's astonishing. i wish he could make an impact top away. Now i study in yahoo that area of the settlement grew to become into that guy U performs a delightful interior the hot Chivas stadium. Makes me ask your self how lots money guy U provided up so as that Vergara might permit him bypass. guy U didnt use any of the money they have been given from ronaldo so it doesnt count. i think we've seen Chicharitos final recreation in a chivas jersey ;( for now..Chicharito jugara medio tiempo con Chivas :D Vergara did a super element, yet like i pronounced, guy U ought to have placed up some somewhat penny haha. between the perfect coaches interior the international would be education chicharito. Chicharito has extra velocity and dynamic than berbatov, and im no longer taking something removed from berbatov. besides the incontrovertible fact that, i kno chicharito gets minutes. And if he performs alongside rooney, rooney will make him seem magnificent haha.

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    Like You say this is his first year, give him another year and he Will Have 12 Or more

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    Just to let you know the gold cup hasn't finished yet.

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    hes a great young player and will certainly become great but not yet, there is a player bio stats photos and highlight videos of him and other greats on

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