Guys Do You Ever Regret Treating A Good Ex-girlfriend Badly?

If she was very supportive in any of your decisions, who respects you, who always listen to you, who comforts when you are sad, who always make you feel special. very loyal to you and faithful and is indpendent woman. who allows you to go out with your friends. who never get easily jealous with you girl friends. who always makes fun with you, who can play games with you, who can watch sports, action or war movies with you. Who can cook for you as well as cleaning the house and lastly who can wash your underwear?? will you ever regret if you lose someone like this???

independent woman but when you need her, she is always there for you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    i will. i will. i will. I will REGRET. She is just not a girlfriend to me, but a complete woman who can make my life a heaven.

    said that....

    I don't know if i ll get a girl like this and let me remind you, when a man see a girl who is independent and who at the same time loves me the way you have written above, the man will get a thought that why she is doing all these to him. what is his specialty? and take my words, if he is not able to find answer to this question, he will get suspicious of her girlfriend or will take her girlfriend for-granted.

    Though i will regret till my death bed for loosing such a nice person in my life, i suggest( its free you can take if u like), that don't shower so much love on men unless they know why and they value them. Otherwise, you both will end up badly.

    Again as i say, i will regret to loose

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      I know this is old by why is this?

  • kiana
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    9 years ago

    mistreating someone who sounds as great as her is horrible. don't do that, you'll surely lose a great thing. i heard you should have no regrets but you know, you're supose to treat people good and when you don't the guilt will be there torturing you, making it seem impossible to ignore and feel the wrong you've done. we're not perfect, we make mistakes and we learn from is a part of life, sweety. you know now how to treat the next good woman...and you'll know that she's good because the first good one is now the, ex one, and you didn't realize what you had until it was gone... you'll be good, i'm sure;)

  • 9 years ago

    ofcourse you should miss her as maybe she is the one for you! my dear! live your life with a person who loves you and not with one whom you love!

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