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what kind of modeling does kylie jenner do?

i want to be a model and i know i am as good as kylie jenner . i love kim kardashians modeling and i know i can do anything i set my mind to its jut sometimes i feel not pretty enough but i actually am im just scared . but i have confidence and as long as you have it it cant bring you down . i want to be a high fashion model . im pretty sure thats what kim kardashian is . i want to be famous like her and be on the red carpet someday . but ive seen kylie jenners modeling photos and she looks gorgeous and i think that she is a fashion model? is she ? because i will be doing modeling very soon when they contact me but i need to know what kind of model i want to be and i want to be the type like kylie jenners . where you wear all the cute clothes and pose in them ; what kind of model is that? at her age? btw im 15 way older than kylie . :)

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    Kim Kardashian is NOT a high fashion model,neither is Kylie Jenner. They are both celebrities and do modeling solely as "spokesmodels" because they are already famous, not because they are models. It's no different than Beyonce advertising hair color or Sarah Jessica Parker or Britney Spears advertising their perfumes. They are a "spokesmodel" for these brands. Kylie is chosen to model because she is already famous. If she were just some normal girl who didn't have a rich, famous dad who just applied to IMG Models who knows if she would be a model. Sure she is tall enough but she doesn't have a high fashion look

    A high fashion model needs to be minimum 5'9" with measurements within 1" of 34-24-34. They are signed to a high fashion agency like IMG, Marilyn, DNA, Elite, Next, Ford, etc and walk on the runways of NY, Paris, London and Milan fashion week and appear in the fashion spreads of Vogue,W and Elle magazines

    Unless you have rich and famous parents like Kim and Kylie you aren't going to have a chance to be like them. If their parents were not rich and they didn't grow up in Hollywood being best friends with celebrities you would never know who either of them were

    If you are are tall, thin and gorgeous then you don't need famous parents - you can submit your pictures to Ford or IMG and if they like your look they'll sign you to the agency and start sending you out on modeling jobs

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    Kylie isn't a model her sister Kendall is though

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    Kylie Jenner Modeling Agency

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    Don't ask me......Just kidding. I do not know but she is very pretty.

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    make a wish ;) xx

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