How long does a person have to dispute a tax audit? ?

The illinois department of revenue audits me in September last year then just sent me a bill. Can I not dispute this? And if so how long do I have?

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    The letter that advised you of the outcome of the audit would have explained your appeal rights, including the time that you had to file the appeal. Typically that's 30 to 90 days unless you request additional time.

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    10 years ago

    And why would you want to waste your time and ask this question from yahoo answers when you should have been spending your time since September of last year after the audit was completed and have NOW received a bill for the past due amount that is currently owed and will continue to grow and accumulate interest and penalties until the Illinois state revenue department is contacted by YOU and paid in full and as you should know if the letter did NOT give you any deadline for this purpose you should have already contacted them about this matter your self as soon as you did receive this BILL.

    SO GET MOVING NOW ASAP and find out from the STATE what you will have to do NEXT NOW.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/14/2011

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    10 years ago

    last September? probably too late

    when you got the audit letter, there would have been a deadline for you to oppose the audit, and that likely was no longer than 90 days

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    You can dispute it. SImply prove what they are claiming is incorrect. You got a letter of explanation with the bill, right? Start right away.

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