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一開始引發他們競爭的導火線,是 Borden在一場魔術表演中刻意為Angier的妻子綁了一個致命的繩結才釀成悲劇,而Angier對於他妻子的死不肯承認錯誤的Borden心懷恨意,甚至為了超越Borden派出自己的女助手去當間諜偷取Borden的秘方。 然而最後他們都為了魔術付出很大的代價,甚至是生命!也讓原本會讓人開心的魔術表演被他們現實的利益給扭曲了。

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    Stimulate competition in the beginning of the fuse is in a magic show in Borden toAngier's wife deliberately tied the knot before a fatal tragedies, but Angier's death to hiswife refused to admit the error of the Borden harbor hatred, and even To go beyondBorden sent his female assistant to become spies to steal Borden's secrets.

    But in the end they all pay a high price for magic, and even life! also let the originalmagic show will make people happy by their interest to distort reality.

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