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有關詢問產品的英文書信, 請幫我中翻英。

有些潛在客戶對我公司產品有興趣, 但是我需要知道是哪幾項產品,

請幫我以下的中文翻成商業用的英文, 勿用翻譯機或網路翻譯, 感激!

Dear xxx,

能否請你告訴我, 你對我們公司哪幾項產品感興趣?



我需要更專業的翻譯, 謝謝。

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    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you for being interested in our products. Would you please

    tell us more specifically which items you may find interest in?

    We'll tell our agent as soon as possible and offer you more details and

    information about the items.

    Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

    Sincerely yours,

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    Dear XXX,

    Will you please specify which products are of your interest? I will inform our agent of your demands.

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    Dear does xxx, whether ask you to tell me, you are interested to our company which how many products? I will convey yours demand our business agent.

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