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For the word 'my' in Swedish, when do you use 'mitt' and when do you use 'min'?

I'm learning Swedish and it would be really cool if you could tell me when you use 'mitt' and when you use 'min', or if it doesn't matter.


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  • Nix
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    9 years ago
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    In most languages, when talking about gender of nouns, you have masculine, feminine, and neuter. But not so in Swedish. Here, there are only two choices, common and neuter. These are defined defined by two indefinite articles, "en" for common nouns, and "ett" for neuter nouns.

    Every noun is either an “en” or an “ett” noun, and which is which you have to learn the hard way by memorizing the appropriate article together with the noun.

    When you have an "en" noun, you will use "min", and when you have an "ett" noun, you'll use mitt. For plurals, you use "mina".

    A few examples:

    A chair - En stol

    My chair - Min stol

    A banana - En banan

    My banana - Min banan

    A table - Ett bord

    My table - Mitt bord

    An apple - Ett äpple

    My apple - Mitt äpple

    Unfortunately, there's no rule for telling you which is which, you just have to memorize. Annoying, yes, but you will get used to it. Something to note though, is that around three quarters of all Swedish nouns are common gender. This might help a little.

    I hope that's helpful to you. Lycka till!

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  • 4 years ago

    Nothing, it will depend on the gender of the noun you are regarding. Mitt ansikte (my face) Min bil (my vehicle) Mina maskiner (my machines) @ Louie : OP requested for Swedish, no longer Norwegian. Grammar's no longer the identical.

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