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Can you offer your advice? Was in a car that was hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta,Ga.USAA was their insurance?

This happened 1 year ago and USAA (the drunk driver's insurance company) has been in contact.I live in NC.I learned that cases like this in the state of Georgia,must be settled,it's the law there.The insurance company wants me to send them my medical bill,so they can pay it.The driver of the car that was hit,that I was in...recieved a check last year from USAA.Are they just offering me to pay my medical bill?? Or will I recieve a check as well?? The problem is,I had no insurance and paid most of my medical bill.I have 60 bucks left to pay on the bill.So now what? What should I say to the insurance company? I'm lost...HELP

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    The other driver's insurance has no duty of faith towards you, but USAA is a GREAT company.

    They're clearly trying to pay your medical bill. You can get a copy of it from the provider, and send it in, even if it's mostly paid.

    They don't pay any "pain and suffering" unless you were actually injured - just going to get checked out, doesn't entitle you to pain & suffering.

    And they'll discuss how much they're going to pay, with you, before they pay it. But not until you've sent that paperwork in.

    Last thing - the statute of limitations in Georgia is two years - so if you delay long enough, and the accident becomes two years and one day old, they don't have to pay ANYTHING.

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    USAA should pay you for your medical bills, prescriptions, lost wages and 'pain and suffering'. As the other posted noted, you should send them the bills and the receipts showing you paid so they will reimburse you directly and not the providers you have already paid. In these kinds of cases, it is the squeaky wheel who gets the grease, so make sure you ask the claims adjuster about all of these reimubrsements and payments.

    Pain an suffering settlements are standard and are something for which you're entitled so why not ask?


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    Send them all the medical bills incurred from the accident. They should pay the outstanding bill and reimburse you for the ones already paid. Be sure to indicate to them clearly which bills were already paid by you, so they don't send the payment to the hospital. You should call them and tell them about the situation so they can advise you better on the best way to do this so that no mistakes are made.

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    His insurance company should pay. Contact your insurance company for advice. If he is not insured there is a scheme funded by insurance companies here in the U.K which covers claims against uninsured drivers. I believe on average about £30 of everybodies car insurance premium goes towards this fund so we're paying for uninsured drivers anyway! Citizens Advice may able to advise. Good luck

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