what is the difference between rear wheel drive cars and front wheel drive?

Could someone please explain in detail the difference between rear wheel drive cars and front wheel drive cars and 4x4 cars. Also could you explain the benefits of the 3 types of cars. Thanks alot!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Rear wheel drive cars are propelled using the rear wheels.

    Front wheel drive cars are propelled using the front wheels.

    4 wheel drive cars are propelled using all 4 wheels.

    Four wheel drive gives most traction and control. They are often more expensive and heavy (lower performance)

    Front wheel drive generally hold the road better than rear wheel drive, but if it slides can be harder to bring under control.

    Rear wheel drive, in the right hands, can be very good for control, especially in track racing, since you can powerslide more easily and bring the car under control more easily.

    Many argue that rear wheel drive is more controllable than front wheel drive, since the steering and propulsion are controlled by different wheels. However, the reverse is also argued. Having power at the back can cause unwanted slide.

  • 10 years ago

    Front wheel drive: it's the cheapest and lightest. Front two wheels propel the car.

    Rear Wheel drive: two rear wheels power the car. Good for "drifting." Bad in inclement weather. Weighs more than front wheel drive. It's considered the layout for "driving enthusiasts."

    All Wheel Drive/4x4: All four wheels power the car. Heaviest. Hurts gas mileage. Great for snow, rain, and inclement weather.

  • 10 years ago

    RW drive is where the rear tires are used to propel the car forward. FW is where the front wheels propel the car. 4x4 is when all 4 are turning giving you better traction. FW is better handling in snow as is 4x4. RW drive gives you better speed.

  • 10 years ago

    Gust buy a AWD and cover your bases.

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