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source of water - at niagara falls?

niagara falls is owned by US or Canada

who takes the profit that comes out of the tourism in niagara falls

is it niagara or canada

also, what is the water actually falling from that comes down to nigara falls.means,where does the niagara falls gets such huge flow of water round the year

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    Nobody owns Niagara Falls. The US/Canada border essentially runs through the middle of the Horseshoe Falls (the bigger of the 3 falls). As far as any profit is concerned, it is made by those business owners who own businesses on either side. The Canadian side is more developed because the view of the entire falls system is better from the Canadian side however there are attractions on the US side as well. The flow of water over the falls comes from Lake Erie, in the south, flowing down the Niagara River and over the brink of the Niagara Escarpment to the lower level of the Niagara River and on into Lake Ontario before it heads out the St. Laurence River to the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Lake Erie is the source of water for Niagara Falls.

    Both the U.S and Canada take profits from tourism.

    The water flows down from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The largest fall is obviously the falls, but the river is slightly slanted down.

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    Immediate source of Niagara falls is lake Erie as mentioned in the previous answers. But Lake Erie is fed by 3 of the great lakes upstream, Superior, Michigan and Huron by the way of interconnecting rivers and channels.

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    Lake Erie

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