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Help! I quited my job, may I be able to collect unemployment in Florida?

Hello there, It would be much appreciated if somebody could help me with this question. The thing is that I had a job for 4 years, in 2009 I signed an employment agreement which renovates every year automatically, and if one of the parties didn't want to continue, we needed to wait until 30 days before of the expiration date and let the other party know. So I put my letter of resignation on may 23, to leave on june 30, 30 days of notice. The thing is that my boss was aware of my contract and he needed to get rid of me ASAP, because the company is not doing well, and he needed my salary to invest in another position in which I don't have any experience, so he decided to make my life miserable, I was working for 50 to 55 hours per week (no overtime because I was under salary), and I simply decided to quit and give to him my 30 day notice, the stress was getting to my nerves..

Last week I had some incident and he told me to take the day off, and when I came back to the office he told me I wasn't doing good and to take vacations, even tough I told him that I needed the money he forced me to take the days off (3 in total), and to call him to see how I was doing on sunday to go back to work until my period ends. Today he just told me he doesn't need me anymore, and hes going to pay me for the two weeks (june 1 to june 15), but he totally left me without a job for the next two weeks!!! Now I'm desperate and I need to know if I qualify for unemployment.


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    First of all when you quit a job you are not entitled to collect unemployment no matter which states are you living(unless you really have a good solid reason to quit..you also can't collect unemployment if you get fired til you finished one month or so.get another job and if they are giving you official layoff then you can collect the same.following is a Florida unemployment website link.click and find and read throughly and hopefully all of your answers are there.

    Edit:-if your employer himself gave you layoff(it sounds like you were layoff officialy)you should be able to collect unemployment for sure then.


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    to collect I employment you have to show that they wrongfully terminated you. you mite not qualify because you resigned

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