Why is England weather so rubbish?

I know that England has a reputation of having bad weather,but why is Britain's weather like that though..rain..rain..cloudy..rain??

I need some serious answers y'all?

i'am from the Uk by the way:D


I'am not originally from the Uk,i get confused with Britain,Uk,England lool..Sorry!

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    "Britain does not have a CLIMATE. It just has WEATHER"

    In hot countries most of the indoor places that need to be comfortable are air-conditioned, and in cold countries most of the places that need to be comfortable are properly heated and insulated. The UK is the exception, since the weather is often interesting and no-one really takes heat and cold seriously. So although the weather can be very cold, very hot, very wet, or just wildly chaotic, it always takes people by surprise.

    I think your question should be, "Why is the British weather so odd?" It is something to do with the combination of an almost Arctic latitude (Manchester is the same latitude as Moscow) combined with being an island and having the Gulf Stream bringing warm weather from the tropics on an intermittent basis.

    People in the know on geographical meteorology have said that the general situation with the UK weather is even more complex, as many different factors contribute to the changeable weather. As well as the North Atlantic drift, and the topography, there is the fact that the UK is affected by five major air masses: The tropical maritime Gulf Stream, the Polar Maritime air from the North, the Arctic Maritime, the Polar Continental (from Siberia), and the Tropical Continental (from Northern Africa). There's also fast flowing air in Jet Streams (which although shown in weather reports in the USA, are oddly kept secret in UK weather reports). Air goes around in convection currents in Hadley Cells and in Ferrel Cells. Because the British Isles can get weather coming from hot or cold zones, and from land or sea, a changeable hot/cold wet/dry weather is found.

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    If you're from the UK, then why have you used "England", "Britain" and "UK" interchangeably? They are not the same thing.

    The weather in the UK generally is crap because we have a maritime climate - we're an island on the Atlantic Ocean and the prevailing winds bring wet weather and wind in from the Atlantic, when they change they bring cold air in from the north or the North Sea. If you think the weather in England's crap you should try the west of Scotland - we don't have Ireland and Wales to act as a buffer so it's much wetter here.

    That said, when you look at how far north the UK is we get a pretty easy time of it. We're on the same latitude as northern Canada and Moscow so if it wasn't for the warm Atlantic currents we'd be looking at months of -20C and -30C every winter.

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    You just gotta be ready for all occasions. A person from a sunny country would bring a hat, cool clothing and cold food on a day out. A person from a rainy town would bring an umbrella, a raincoat and warm food. British people bring both, just in case.

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    We are lucky to have such a moderate climate as we are far north in the northern hemisphere.

    We do not get temperatures of -20 in the winter and are not frozen in for 6 months of the year. Nor do we get temperatures of 110 degrees in the summer where leaving the house gives you Sun Stroke. The moderate mixed climate makes our natural landscape as beautiful and green as it is

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    Ocean is flat moist floor & evaporates. That creates humidity. England is an island. Air is compelled to clim over obstruction. Air is compelled to bigger altitudes. atmospheric temp at bigger altitudes is cooler/thinner. motives condensations. At a better elevation and thinner atmospheric stress water is only too heavy and ends up in rain/precipitation.

  • Just something to do with where the wind is coming from. Right now it's really sunny and nice and warm where I am but earlier today it was cold and raining haha

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