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computer crashes in game?

i recently installed a new graphics card(xfx radeon hd 4670) and a new power supply(rocket fish 500w) to my computer. so when i try to play a game like sc2, my computer just restarts on me

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    Sounds like you have a bad or corrupt video driver for your card. Try going to AMD/ATI and downloading the newest driver for that card. Also the ATI Catalyst Control Center program tends to give me a lot of trouble on different systems, make sure you delete that from add remove programs and reboot before you do a reinstall or upgrade. (if that is currently installed)

    Also if the computer is only crashing in a specific game. Make sure your DirectX is up to date. Also check the game's website and tech forums to make sure there are not any known incompatibilities with that type of graphics card, a game patch may also solve your problem.

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    Did you connect the extra power cables to the video card? Did you blow out all the dust from your computer?

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