how do you cope with the negative parts of things........................? the good things?

yes its good to try to see the good and accept what you have with that etc, but what if the bad that happens just takes over that

how do you cope?


oh ye faithful, well, thats good, youd be happy with me then :-P


i actually agree with that :-)

Update 2:

some good answers ;-)

Update 3:

i didnt even word this one the way i wanted either leaping water, its still not quite what i wanted to ask ;-|...grrr

its not easy to put these damn thoughts here never mind make it so they are 'fully understood' by other people readin it

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  • 9 years ago
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    Negative energy only attracts negativity in life. Negativity is only created by your negative thoughts .

  • 9 years ago

    Everything has two sides, and you can only see one side at a time. negative, is the normal state of the natural food chain. There is no stopping it. Nature does not slow nor speed up it's evolution for anyone. This is why nature appears stable, and allows us the illusion of calm positive.

    When things are well, we are the negative side of nature, chopping splitting, cutting, hacking, eating, melting,burning,sawing, building, sexing,flying,laughing, etc. When nature has us on the opposite side, nature is it's own ordinary negative self, doing all the same things it normally does anyway. Gnashing, rending, eating,biting,clawing,chasing,attacking,raining, heating,blowing, growing etc. It is just this truth, (the two sides of the same coin, we seem to percieve, as good and bad.

    (TIS GOOD TO BE THE KING) of the food chain. everything is ENVIRON-mental. THEREFORE, ALL PERCEPTIONS ARE IN THE "aqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaq" order. The answer "ENVIRON", occurs before the question "MENTAL'. THIS IS TRUE THROUGH INFINITY.

    The only device we have to use, is the "coping mechanisms" we teach ourselves. Believe it or not, this is the only part of life which get's better with age.aLL OTHER FACTS ARE IN THE CATEGORY, "i was better but i got over it".

    Source(s): Life experience.
  • I was just thinking this last week and almost posted a question but couldn't quite word it satisfactorily :)

    So I'm glad you asked and I will read the answers with interest. .

    I sometimes wonder why the negative emotions appear to stay with me and overtake the positive a lot of the time. Reading your Q again I believe that's what you've said :)

    Where I got to with it...I think about my health, especially my physical health and make every attempt to guard it and not let it get any you know negativity and stress can make it worse and for me personally it can prevent all the healing I need manifesting from the spiritual to the physical, unless God does a miracle, which He is able to do, but I kinda think He will heal a bit at a time.

    I pray sista, I pray at these times :)

    Spirit ~ soul ~ and body ~

    all connected ...

    Much love to you xx


    I've been trying to leave you a message in you're guest-book but it wouldn't let me...

    speak soon (((Frou)))

    Would it help to are a very creative person and as you know creative people are very sensitive to mood swings, the dark soul nights and so on. . .

  • 9 years ago

    A lot of devout Christians will say they have no negative parts of anything. This is not true. We face the same problems everyone has. Thing is, **** happens, pick up your marbles and keep going. As a Christian I try to turn my eyes toward the Lord and turn my problems over to Him. He tells me to. He says ,Give thanks to the Lord in all things , thank and praise Him. If I can get over my humanity enough to remember to do this, negative situations are much easier to bear and a sensible

    solution will soon appear.

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  • 9 years ago

    If the bad parts overtake the good parts, I'm not coping with the negative parts of good things anymore. Way I see it, that makes it a bad thing. Then I cope with it the way I cope with bad things.

  • 9 years ago

    Blessings. Stop saying negative things to yourself , and learn how to deal with it, eventually it will go away, because nothing lost for ever. Look at the things that makes you happy and try , to keep that positive thought in your mind , Avoid negative people , Look at problems as challenges , Set priorities in your life and work on them . Believe in yourself, Unclutter your life and smile, Remember that stress is an attitude, Remember you always have options, and Quit trying to fix other people because we all have to deal with our own needs.

    Source(s): Freely praise other people , : Relax, take each day at a have the rest of your life to live. This is a very interesting question you just made my day, thanks God bless.
  • 9 years ago

    The bad parts typically serve some kind of purpose for life, or a failure to serve a purpose for that life, or simply plain bad luck. Bad luck is the worst. Knowing that, you know what to prepare for to some degree. Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    The law of big numbers says things will even out eventually. Aside from that, try not to take things personally and keep your chin up.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    By understanding that no one or nothing in this world is perfect, and realizing that you will always be able to find something "bad" in any situation if you want to. Appreciate the good and handle the bad with grace and maturity.

    : )


  • 9 years ago

    Right at this moment, very,very badly!

    Usually I can either turn things around or just accept them. When I'm feeling physically unwell and things go 'negative' on me, though, I find it difficult to deal with.


    Just time, I guess.

  • david
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    9 years ago

    one should in reality detach from the small ego which rules and ruins us all and then listen to the soul within and really start to live the life in full in abundance also

    Amen and Om Shantih and Sai Ram.

    Source(s): theosophy.
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