What are the differences between private and government hospitals in UAE ?

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Medical care in Dubai and the UAE varies, as anywhere, from poor to excellent. The UAE has about 35-40 Government hospitals and a similar number of private hospitals although with developments like Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), there is rapid expansion in the number of private institutes ready to fix your bones and take your blood. Additionally, there are 150 or more Primary Healthcare Centers in the UAE.

Government hospitals often get a bad rap but in terms of medical attention, this is perhaps a bit harsh, notwithstanding the press reports of less than satisfactory medical attention. You will probably find the biggest difference between government and private hospitals is in "Customer Service" for want of a better term. Dormitory style rooms rather than private hotel rooms are the norm, and staff shortages mean nurses especially, are overworked and underpaid. But you will usually get the medical attention you need. Sometimes, for major medical procedures, a private hospital will ship you off to a government hospital anyway (less likely as Dubai gets bigger and more facilities are developed).

Note : Al Noor Hospital is committed to render quality care to its patients and other customers through excellence in leadership, education, knowledgeable, competent and committed staff, state of the art services and technology, and sound utilization of available resources.
It is the philosophy of Al Noor Hospital to adopt a Quality Assurance System that fully meets the needs of patients under the internationally recognized Quality Assurance Standards of ISO 9002.
Al Noor Hospital was awarded the ISO Certificate on 3rd April 2000. Al Noor Hospital continues to dedicate all its resources to reach the ultimate goal of patient and customer satisfaction.

In the UAE you will need to be more proactive.

Before you decide on a government hospital, check its policy regarding husbands and family members in the labour ward. All government hospitals now charge expats for maternity services and delivery, and costs vary depending on the package you choose. Private hospitals will be more expensive, although if you shop around you may be surprised to find that in some cases the difference between government and private is not as great as you might think.
But remember that the price you are quoted by the hospital is for the basic ‘best case scenario' delivery, and if you have additional requirements,you will be charged extra.

In general terms, the major noticeable difference between private hospitals and government hospitals (apart from cost) is that there is a significant lack of 'customer care' in government hospitals. Medically, there's probably not that much difference but you'll definitely feel a lot more comfortable about it all in a good private hospital.

You should certainly try and visit the hospitals to form an opinion.

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