Kobo - transfer ebooks to other readers?

I am currently purchasing ebooks via Kobo, using my iPhone, iPad and notebook computer. Whilst I do not have a problem using Kobo, I would like to know my options. I manage to obtain the files of the books I downloaded but when I load them in Calibre, they open in illegible text. I understand they would be protected copies but would Kobo be the only place I can read these books I have bought?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes. There are other iPad readers available. One of them is the latest Apple gadget which also features iPad eBooks reader. Electronic books, Magazines, Text and Documents can be read using iPad eBooks readers, which are better versions of those that are offered by BeBook Neo, Sony Reader Touch, Noble Nook, Barnes or Amazon Kindle.

  • 4 years ago

    To use a different desktop app, you don't connect the reader device. Find the files on your computer, the Documents folder unless you've moved them somewhere they don't belong, then drag and drop them to the desktop library software where you want to read them.

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