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公司Minutes英文版 (增加授權簽署人)

公司想增加銀行戶口授權簽署人, 銀行要求要公司一封MINUTES, 應該點寫?



1) 增加股東A為授權簽署人

2) 10,000以下一位股東簽署另10,000以上由兩位股東簽署

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    The bank requires minutes of the board of directors for the change of authorised signatory and the change of operation of the bank account.

    So, a resolution must be passed by the board and be recorded in the minutes as an evidence. It is not the minutes of shareholders' meeting.The heading in the minutes of the board meeting should be

    Bank Account

    It was resolved that A be nominated as an authorised person for the operation of the current account no. 111-222333-001 maintained with the Bank. It was further resolved that the bank will honoured all the cheques provided the same be signed in the following manners.

    a) for amount below $10,000, the cheque be signed by either A or B.

    b) for amount $10,000 or above, the cheque be signed jointly by A and B.

    The minutes must be signed by the Chairman of the Meeting.

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