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Bone metastases are usually treated by surgical removal,fixation and chemotherapeutic treatment. Bone cement is used to fill the resection voids. The aim of this study was to develp a local drug delivery system using a calcium phosphate cement(CPC磷酸鈣鹽類水泥 ) as carrier for chemotherapeutic agents.CPC consisted of alpha-tricalcium phosphate,calcium phosphate dibasic and precipitated hydroxyapatite powders and a 2% Na2HPO4 hardening solution.Scanning electron microscopy(SEM掃描電子顯微鏡) was used to observe CPCmorphology. X-ray diffraction (XRDX光繞射) was used to follow CPC transformation. The loading/release capacity of the CPC was studied by a bovine serum albumin-loading model. Release/retention was measured by high performance liquid chromatography and X-ray photoelectron spectrometry. For chemotherapeutic loading, paclitaxel(PX紫杉醇) was loaded onto the CPC discs by absortion. Viability of osteosarcoma U2OS and metastatic breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells was measured by an AlamarBlue assay. Results of SEM and XRD showed changes in CPC due to its transformation. The loading model indicated a high retention behavior by the CPC composition. Cell viability tests indicated a PX minimal lethal dose of 90μg/ml. PX released from CPC remained active to influence cell viability. In conclusion, this study demonstrated that CPC is a feasible delivery vector for chemotherapeutic agents.

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    骨頭 metastases 通常根據外科移動、定置和 chemotherapeutic 治療接受治療。 骨頭水泥被用來裝滿切除術空虛。 這研究的目標正在對 develp 地方藥物遞送制度以磷酸鈣水泥作為 chemotherapeutic 代理人的運送者。CPC 有了阿爾發-tricalcium 磷酸鹽,磷酸鈣二鹽基的而且使 hydroxyapatite 陷入粉和 2% Na2 HPO4 變硬解決方案。掃描電子顯微鏡使用被用來觀察 CPCmorphology 。 X光繞射被用來跟隨 CPC 轉形。 CPC 的負載/釋放能力是 stu

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