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Who would you like to see(cast) as the next indiana jones type character?

If this character were re-imagined? Ryan Gosling?Hayden Christensen,Johnny Depp,Daniel Craig,Clive Owen,Ashton Kutcher ,Ryan Reynolds?

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    Ok deffinatly NOT Ashton Kutcher ew. Daniel Craig already has the leading roll of James Bond. Johnny Depp---I don't know it wouldnt fit him to be honest. I think to be honest none of these you picked would work...its official Harrison Ford simply cannot be replaced.

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    NO WAY!!! I am so comfortable to listen to this information. I have ALWAYS loved the ones films. I have the specific version set with administrators cuts and new movie photos. Whenever I must sit down and loosen up, have a film night time, I pop the ones into the DVD and simply veg. I could be thrilled so as to add one to the gathering. I wonder whether Harrison Ford goes to be reprising his position as Indiana Jones...By the way in which, I suggestion that Angelina Jolie would were an EXCELLENT 'daughter' of Indiana's, her strengths surely lie within the movement thrillers.

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    Nolan North all the way. He's practically made for an Indy role.

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