Need a crash course in EVE online.?

Just downloaded 14 day trial. In game name is Damien Rasha. Just send me a message if you can help me out. By the way I live in Japan so the time difference is crazy if you live in the states.

Still going through tutorial and would really appreciate any outside help.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The main reason I love EVE--and have been playing it for 5 years-- is that there isn't a way to take a crash course in it. Well, not ALL of it. Do you want a straight up PvP game? Do you want to build stuff for you and your corp mates to use in PvP? Or, do you want to build stuff to make lots of ISK from market sales? What type of industry do you want to get into: mining, salvaging, Planetary Interaction for POS stuff, etc? It's a very complicated game. Even specific aspects are complicated. PvP: armor, guns, shields, missiles? Which training skill tree will you follow?

    My advice is to run all the new career agents things they've put into the game, get all the free skillbooks they give as rewards for those missions and decide from there what type of character you want to create. If you make it 6 months and really get into the game, odds are you're going to want to create a second account so you can have two characters training at the same time for different things. Personally I have one PvP character with leadership skills and another industrial character that can build any battleship and smaller ships and all necessary modules to keep my fighting character supplied--through mining, salvaging and PI.

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    5 years ago

    Hey I was just watching that on TV!

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