What are your opinions on these issues?

Tell me your opinions and why.

These are mine

Abortion- Yes. It's a woman's body. If she doesn't want a child who isn't even alive yet why should she keep it?

Capitol Punishment- No, I think a lifetime in jail is more cruel, and I don't think it's fair. It's a little medeval.

Gay Marriage- Yes. Gays haven't done anything wrong. Why shouldn't they be allowed to get married. I'm a strong supporter.

Separation of church and state- Definitely in teaching religion in public schools (some schools in arkansas require religion) But in money and the plege it doesn't really matter much. It's not important

Prayer in school- Definitely no. If people wanna pray in school pray by yourself.

Should people who are eighteen be allowed to drink since they're allowed to vote?- Yes. If they can fight for their country they should be able to drink. They're legal adult aren't they?

Animal testing- Under the right circumstances. I don't really appreciate animal testing on makeup but I do use makeup so I can't say anything. For medical research if they're treated with respect then yes.

Cloning people- I don't really think it's right, but again under the right circumstances, if it doesn't kill the clone.

Legalization of Marijuana- Yeah! I've never done weed but I know plenty of perfectly fine people who do it, but aren't addicted, and they're pretty smart decent people. They just occaisionaly like to get high!

Euthanasia- Yes. People have the right to choose when they want to die.

Steroids- Ew. I think they're disgusting. They're unnatural. They leave you flabby when you stop using them.

Gun Control- I guess i'm against it. Mostly cause criminals are criminals.. They find ways to get guns legally and illegally.

Teacher seniority- I don't like it. If a teacher is laid off it's cause they don't have a use for that teacher. I lost 3 great drama teachers cause of it.

Universal Health care- I think there should be. It's expensive, but it's not worth losing lives who can't afford surgery.

So i'm just wondering. Pick any of the topics or multiple ones if you want. I'm just curious.

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    9 years ago
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    Abortion - Yes. It should be legal. When it is not, there are issues with people trying to give themselves abortions and killing themselves and their child. There needs to be a limit on lateness; in the first trimester, it is cells developing. Third trimester abortions should be illegal.

    Capital Punishment - No. However, I do believe our entire jail system needs to be altered.

    Gay Marriage - Of course. Who are we to say where love exists? Animals have homosexuality behaviours. Humans have shown homosexuality since the beginning of recorded history..

    Separation of church and state - Complete separation. I should not have to be any part of your religion in order to live in your country.

    Prayer in school - No. Pray at church or home. Not at school.

    Animal testing - Yes, with humane practice and ethic board approval.

    Cloning people - Only medically, such as cloning organs to increase health.

    Legalization of Marijuana - Of course. Tobacco and alcohol are far more dangerous and yet they are legal. If Marijuana is illegal, then, so too should tobacco and alcohol.

    Euthanasia - Yes, if it was requested in a will or the person is conscious enough to make the decision for themself.

    Steroids - NO! They biologically change your cells and your sex hormones. They are EXTREMELY dangerous.

    Gun Control - For sure. No, it doesn't stop everyone. But I don't think its right to have the average person walking down the street with guns.. complete gun control (no access to guns at all) is not necessary, but registration and control over types of fire arms is essential.

    Teacher seniority - Not really sure what you mean by this.

    Universal Health care - Totally for Universal Health Care. The price is worth it to ensure the health of citizens, especially impoverished citizens who's poverty is a side effect of the society we live in and not necessarily their individual value.

    Source(s): I am Canadian - most of the opinions we differed on, I feel, show the difference between current American and Canadian culture, such as gun control or your apparent hesitancy over universal health care.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Abortion-- I'm pro choice because i believe that it's a women's body, like you said, and that life starts at birth, not conception.

    Capitol Punishment-- I am against it because i don't think anyone deserves to die, and because often executing someone can cost a lot of money.

    Same sex marriage-- I'm for it because I'm bisexual, and because two of my uncles are gay. We didn't do anything wrong. Besides, the divorce rate is already so high that it's about time the straight people should give the gays and lesbians a chance.

    Separation of church and state-- Definitely for. if we combine the church and the state, people of every other religion will be discriminated against.

    Prayer in school-- No. It's a huge violation of church and state, and puts pressure on atheists and agnostics to conform when it's our uniqueness that makes us great!

    Animal testing-- As long as no unnecessary harm comes to them, and they're being tested on things that are super important that we don't know much about yet, like a new type of medicine, than yes.

    Cloning people-- I honestly am not sure how to feel about this issue. I think that it should be discouraged, but if it's for medical reasons, and the clone is treated well, then it's OK.

    Legalization of Marijuana-- Yes, because our jails are full of people and all they did was smoke a joint.

    Euthanasia-- it says in the declaration of independence that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you are responsible enough to live, then i think you have the right to choose when you die.

    Steroids-- They should be illegal. They corrupt sports, and never give the talented people that aren't taking steroids a chance.

    Gun Control-- I'm for it because every household with a gun is more likely to shoot a family member than a robber. It's a proven fact. I'm especially for it in houses with young children. Kids have a way of getting in locked cabinets.

    Teacher Seniority-- I'm completely against tenure. One of my best teachers has only been teaching for a year, but she might be fired. However my science teacher, who is one of the worst teachers I've ever had gets to stay because of tenure.

    Universal Health Care-- Completely agree with you. You can't put a price on life.

  • C.M.
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    9 years ago

    Abortion: The Academy of Sciences and every doctor in the US will tell you the fetus is alive, it has a heart beat, which is the clinical definition of being alive. It also has brain function as it responds to external stimuli. Perhaps a bit of research is in order prior to forming such an opinion.

    I'm pro choice so long as its not abused. Using abortion as retroactive contraception is wrong, it puts undue physical stress and harm to the mother as well as being unethical. (I'm an atheist btw)

    Capital Punishment: The American Justice System has laws and consequences for breaking those laws. If you commit a capital offense you must pay the consequences. It isn't medeval, in the middle ages they would cut open your back and pull out your lungs until you suffocated; are you honestly comparing that to putting a person to sleep? Capital punishment is about justice, the punishment is directily proportionate to the crime, and justice, in its true form, is about balance; the death penalty is the balancing of the scales.

    Gay marriage: An issue of civil rights, in my opinion marriage is a religious commitment, which does not require governmental sanction. Marriage should be left up to the people.

    Church & State: The first amendment expressly forbids laws that respect one religion over another. Religion in public schools should be limited to relavant cultural studies and should encompass all religions that are relevant to the cirriculum.

    Prayer in School: There already is prayer in school, "so long as there are tests in school there will be prayer in school". As far as school led or sponsored prayer, not in public schools.

    Drinking age: I'm 22, I really don't give a crap.

    Animal testing: All I know is that I really want to see lipstick on a possum...Seriously do they put makeup on animals? And for christ's sakes why?

    Cloning: Its inevitable, and can be used in smaller instances such as cloning an organ for people needing a transplant. With the proper genetic engineering we could create a viable organ farm, but still disrupt sequences in DNA to suppress brain activity.

    Legalization of pot: Yes, there is no practical reason for it to be illegal.

    Euthanasia: Yes, so long as it is regulated and monitored to limit abuses.

    Steroids: That depends, are you referring to anabolic or corticosteriods? Corticosteroids have a medical application and comes in form of prednisone and others.

    Gun Control: Criminals don't walk into the local cabela's and buy a registered firearm, the problem with laws are that they only will be followed by people who wouldn't commit the act in the first place. Criminals will buy their weapons out of the back of a van.

    Teachers: Its like any other job, if you aren't providing a necessary service, they don't need you and you lose your job.

    Health Care: The problem here is that with free medical care people will go to the doctor for every scrape and sniffle, which will cause a decline in doctor's salaries, which will cause a shortage of doctor's, etc. I'm all for helping people with medical payments but this isn't the right way to go. The issue I hate is that when people get on this topic and people are for obamacare, anyone who isn't are automatically considered evil, when I agree I just don't agree with the policy as-is.

  • 9 years ago

    Abortion-I'm pro-choice, but I would never get an abortion myself. I can understand both sides of the debate. I can easily see why it would be regarded as murder, but it definitely should not be comparable to the willful killing of a fully-grown, already born person. It should be legal, but I strongly support anything short of outlawing it that might lower the number of abortions (safe sex education, better adoption system, support for young mothers, etc).

    Capitol punishment-I have a hard time with this one. On one hand, it's horrible when someone is executed and then it is revealed with better forensic methods that they were innocent. On the other hand, if my close friend or family member had been brutally murdered by a serial killer, I'd want to see them fry. If I had reason to think I was at risk of being a serial killer's next victim, I would probably sleep more easily knowing that they cannot possibly escape and come after me. I can see both sides. I think it should be used, but very, very rarely, and only for the most absolutely heinous crimes. If there's another option or if there's any reasonable doubt that they committed that crime, execution may not be the best course of action, in my opinion.

    Gay marriage-Of course. I've heard that civil marriage is meant only to encourage reproduction, but it is clearly not used for that, as infertile, elderly, and couples who elect to never have children can still marry. If they can exploit that broken system, gays should be allowed to as well, or else they need to fix it to do what it was meant to do.

    Separation of church and state-YES. I agree that the little issues of the Pledge and "In God We Trust" are petty, but they do represent a larger problem of religion becoming law. Laws in all cases should be based on one thing, and one thing only: Were anyone's rights infringed upon in any way?

    If the answer is yes, then that action was a crime and should be punished in a way that reflects the severity of the crime. If the answer is no, then that action was not a crime and should not be punished. Our laws create far too many victimless crimes, like drug use (if legal adults consent to put a substance in their own bodies, they should be allowed to), prostitution (if legal adults consent to trade sex for money, they should be allowed to), and the stupidest laws of all: sodomy laws (yes, they're still around in some states).

    Drinking age-Let's see, if our enlightened government has decreed that at 18 we are mature enough to smoke, drive, have a full-time job, get married, consent to sex, buy a house, gamble, vote, pay taxes and fight in wars, the how do they feel about 18-year-olds drinking? They don't think they're mature enough? Even though they have all the rights AND responsibilities of legal adults, and can be tried in court as legal adults, and are held to the same expectations and laws as people decades older than them, they still aren't mature enough to drink a beer if they so choose? BULL. S**T.

    Legalization of ALL drugs-YES. Like I said before, if legal adults consent to put a substance in their bodies, they should have ever right to do so. It is a victimless crime. If while under the influence of these substances they commit actual crimes with actual victims, they should be punished for those crimes, not for using the substance. You don't punish someone for owning a gun, you punish them for shooting people. For every horror story of a weirdo who took PCP and ate a four-year-old's eyeballs (yes, I've actually heard that), there are at least hundreds, if not thousands, of people who took the same drug and did nothing wrong. And to ban a substance because it is addictive is stupid. Anything can be addictive. People don't need to be saved from themselves.

    Euthanasia-Totally agree with you on this one. The pro-life stance on this is even more ridiculous than the pro-life stance on abortion. At least with that, there's another potential life at stake. With this, it's just the life of that person, and nothing more. Did you know that in some states, suicide is actually illegal? I wonder how they enforce that....

    Gun control-If you makes guns illegal, then the only people with guns are criminals. I don't know about anyone else, but I see a BIG problem with that. If someone (say, a business owner) wants to ban or allow guns on their private property, that's absolutely fine (same if they want to allow or ban smoking on their private property). In public, government-owned buildings (DMV, public schools, IRS buildings, etc) guns should not be allowed, though, in my opinion. Outside of that, it's up to whoever owns the private property.

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