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Shinji(Bleach) vs. Ace(OnePiece) Who wins?

Distance: 50 meters.

Restrictions: None

Conditions: Speed equilized.

Location: VoTE

SoM: IC but out for the kill.

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    It's safe to assume that Entei would more than likely end this fight, however I don't think that's the bottom line as Ace wouldn't resort to that immediately even bloodlusted.

    Nothing short of Entei would even tag Shinji, let alone do serious damage to him considering he's easily within the double digits of Mach speeds, and powerscaling places his durability well above City Block level.

    Those rock structures surrounding Ace and Blackbeard when Jujika was used are certainly not Mountain sized, though they are extremely large. Several hundred meters tall I'd say.

    Though I do want to point out that the specific size of the rock structure doesn't really enhance the destructive power of Ace's techinque considering he didn't actually destroy much of it. Yes, he "crumbled" it but only by destroying the base of it, and from we can tell he didn't even fully destroy the base. He weakened the foundation and it tipped over. So that technique would not be killing the likes of Shinji, even if it did tag him.

    Considering Ace has his Logia despersion capabilities here, I don't see it as likely that he would lose. The only was to kill him would be for Shinji to use an all out Cero and envelop his entire body. It's beyond his shown durability, and should Shinji land the hit it would mean victory, but that's his only option here.

    It would be a hard fight regardless but I give it to Ace with High difficulty.

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