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Are coconuts mammals?

My friend told me that because coconuts have hair and milk, they are mammals, Is that true?

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    The Coconut is a Mammal. The primary definition of a mammal is that it produces milk. Coconuts produce milk. Coconut milk can also be used as a substitute for blood plasma. So you can get a transfusion from another person, or a coconut. Mammals are also defined by the fact that they have hair, and coconuts are hairy. Finally, the edible part of the coconut is called the "meat". Coconuts are not nuts. They have meat, blood, hair, and produce milk, therefore the coconut is a mammal

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  • 5 years ago

    Of course coconuts are mammals

  • 9 years ago

    No. Coconuts are from palm trees, mostly found in tropical countries. The nut is covered with husk and kernel inside when squeezed contains coconut milk meant for preparation of food like curry. The nut also contains refreshing water if one wishes to drink.

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    No lol :)) because coconuts belongs to the plant kingdom and mammals belong to the animal kingdom..doesn't mean they produce milk they're mammals. AND they're not really milk, they are called JUICE :)) hhahaha

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  • gheza
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    3 years ago

    one greater characteristic; they're an animal. Coconuts are not animals. Coconuts additionally don't have milk interior an identical experience that a woman mammal does. It would not come from a breast. Coconut milk is in basic terms a term for the liquid that's interior the coconut, it is not milk in the different experience.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Mammals are warm blooded and feed their young with milk. The coconuts are neither warm blooded (they don't even have any blood at all) and they do not feed their young with milk, since they ARE the young, of the tree they came off.

  • Kevin7
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    9 years ago

    They are plants,not mammals. Their milk and hair is not like mammalian hair or milk.

  • 3 years ago

    Why is this even a question, coconuts have the same amount of brains as the person who wrote this. haha jk

  • 9 years ago

    I' going to go ahead and agree with the guy who said "I have no faith in humanity left..." and the guy who said "Trollin' hard"

  • No, absolutely not. They're nuts. Like chestnuts, and walnuts and hazelnuts!

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