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Should i call the cops?? my brother hasn't come home..?

My younger brother's 19. He has been gone from home since around 7am last morning. He said yesterday that he had to go meet his military recruiter, for his dep meeting and workout. he got a ride from his friend...but I'm not sure from who because I was asleep at the time. Anyways I've been trying to contact him all day but no response. No call, not even texts. This is strange b/c whenever he has spent the nite away from home, he has always let us know beforehand. Its almost 3am now..trying not to worry but I have no idea where he's at, nor has he returned my calls or texts...

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    Well, sadly, since he is over 18 they may say you have to wait the 24 hours to file a missing persons report. Which will be coming up soon but isn't here yet. But yes, it sounds like you know your brother well and he is pretty dependable in letting you know where he is. File as soon as you can, I would say call now if you want, but they may not let you actually file it yet, but it's worth a shot. I hope everything is ok with your brother. I was a pretty reliable teenager also but there was one time when I was in my friends basement, (just me and my best friend at the time, a girl) we were just listening to music (loud, lol) and talking. Not doing anything bad. I guess my mom was trying to call her house for hours and even came over and rang the doorbell, but we couldn't hear it. So, even with reliable, well-behaved teenagers these things can happen, but to be on the safe side I would say to definitely call the police. Best wishes.

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    Yeah you should definitely call the cops especially after he doesn't answer any of your calls. You should also try to contact some of his friends that you may know. Good luck on finding him! I'm sure he's ok :)

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    I Think you should call the police especially that he hadn't return your calls and Good Luck i hope you would find your brother soon

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    Yes report it but depending on the department you deal will the time until they consider it a missing person will vary

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    Quite a few valuable answers here

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    yes call the police! good luck i hope everything is fine

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    Call cops just to be safe. Don't call 911 though, those b!tches charge you.

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    you should defiantly call the police

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