what is wifi calling?

and does it cost money to use on phones?

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    10 years ago
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    unless you have the unlimited WiFi calling feature, it does in fact use your plan minutes.

    There are sill advantages to UMA calling however. A lot of us get poor signal in thier apartments/homes and the UMA feature can be a lifesaver.

    Basically, UMA streams the GSM packets over the internet to your phone instead of the cell towers. Again, there is no client and the technology has to be supported by both your handset and carrier. UMA also allows you to move from WiFi to a normal GSM tower and vice versa without dropping a call.

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    What Is Wifi Calling

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    Wifi calling is calling other electronical devices thru a service like skype or Viber. It may cost depending on what sort of service u use. Though the download/uploads will go on the wifi providers bill

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