I am thinking about moving to Chicago IL. What's life like in Chicago?

I am also seeking employment I have a Associates degree in Business.How are the job prospects in Chicago IL? Also how are the schools in west Chicago? I am bringing my 9 year old sister and my 14 year old brother. I am also open to suggestions for other parts of Chicago. If possible please leave suggestions of apartments within the 500-750$ range in any neighborhood thank you =^)

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  • nene
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    9 years ago
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    Chicago, IL is the largest city in the U.S. state of Illinois with nearly 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in the Midwestern United States and the third most populous city in the USA.

    Chicago's job market is in a bust right now most of the jobs are in the suburbs. The crime in Chicago is pretty bad a lot of gangs and killings going on, on the west and south side right now.

    If you do decide to come here I recommend moving to the north side of the city so you can experience really good schools integration and low crime. Housing here is wonderful and beautiful wrapped in one I live on the south side now but plan to move over north soon because I want my son to experience cultural diversity, racial diversity as well as get away from the crime. I put up some links for you to look at.

    I was wondering have you ever thought about moving to Minneapolis, Mn I love it there too the city is nice a little expensive but nice. Black, Whites, Somalians, Hmong, And Native Americans all live together ain't no one group of people here and the others there like it is in Chicago. The state is for women and kids so that means the social services are geat.

    Good luck.

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    Haha I trust the 'Cali' comments. no human being who's from California truly calls it Cali. besides, San Diego might want to truthfully be a sparkling commence for you. it truly is not any longer warm all 12 months round. merely attempt to imagine of your perfect, warmth spring day....it truly is like that by the entire of fall, iciness and spring. Then it starts to get warm. it truly is appealing climate. San Diego isn't what you would possibly want to call a 'quite huge city.' It does have a huge inhabitants, even if it truly is spread out all around the county. Downtown SD is extremely diverse from downtown Chicago. It wouldn't have the 'life' downtown Chicago has. yet surely, there is so a lot more beneficial to do in San Diego it truly is not any longer based downtown that it truly is quite no longer that massive of a deal. you'll want a automobile although. the actual undeniable truth that it truly is not any longer all targeted makes it perplexing to take exhilaration in it without perfect transportation. it truly is exceedingly severe priced, yet from what I listen, Chicago is more beneficial severe priced than San Diego so it truly is probable no longer that massive of a deal for you. human beings are commonly quite pleasant and the colleges are quite large too. no you may allow you to already know what to do, yet i visit assert this: i became born and raised in San Diego, I moved to the Midwest about six months in the past and that i'm merely death to come again. Granted, Indiana isn't Chicago, yet there quite is not any the position like California. good success with each little thing!!

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    Job Market is tough as i am finding out now. But living in chicago is the greatest! We came here after looking at many other city's and have loved every minute of living here and we will never leave. The excitement never ends, the people are great, the city is clean, the buildings are beautiful and endless. worlds best museums, shopping, theater, beaches and lakefront, the river walk and on and on!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Chicago is a nice and clean city (north side, downtown and near west side/south side), I love our skyline, however we are experiencing a shift with our population moving to the suburbs. We had almost 2.9 mil residents and we have about 2.7 mil. I agree with nene. Have you considered Indianapolis or Minneapolis?

    Source(s): Born and Raised in Chicago!
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