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? asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 10 years ago

How would a scorpio sun with a libra rising look like ?

just wonderin ! :) ..kinda bored also.. :D oh yea and a leo moon...if it matters i guess..

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    10 years ago
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    I know Leonardo DiCaprio has the same sun and rising so he can give you an idea :) I find with Libra rising you look nice, pleasant, like you enjoy life! You look like as a kid you were cherubic and dimpled, like you grew up in a mansion on the beach, had a kind nanny, drank cherry lemonade and played and giggled all day with your little friends in your designer clothes. Scorpios tend to be dark in some way, skin, hair, or eyes. But if you are contrary to this, blonde and blue-eyed, your eyes will become intense sooner or later. Something is just dark about Scorpios, you have big energy fields. You don't make a little impression, that's for sure. You look like sunset on the everglades :)

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