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Is it ok for me to drink this?

Traditional Medicinals St. John's Good Mood Tea. It has St John's wort, damiana, lemongrass, lavender, lemon balm leaf, oatstraw, bergamot beebalm, sage, spearmint, and licorice root.

I take Zyrtec-D (cetirizine and pseudoephedrine) and Flonase (fluticasone) every day, and sometimes a vitamin (B complex). Is it safe to drink the tea if I take these?

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    Lemongrass Tea is very good for everyone who likes it.

    I have ultra severe allergy and it posed no problems ever.

    However I do not know about this particular combo. Perhaps it features St John's Wort

    I would be curious enough, even if certified harmless by expert, to look up these three:

    St. John's Wort


    Bergamot Beebalm

    the rest looks harmless enough. It is better than Ambien most likely, will it help the sleepless? Supposed to relax and make one somewhat euphoric....

    People going for surgery should not take St John's I have heard reliably.

    DID you know there is an African Tea which definitely alleviates Allergy?

    I have had LOTS of that and lemongrass. The Rooibos or whatever it is called does help allergies enough to perceive the effect on days not too bad, but I have not tried drinking it all day long. Gift from sister with better gift budget...

    Lemongrass is an actual food and spicy addition to some dishes. Seafoods I think, not the expert on that. Widely used south of USA, around Gulf I think, South America.

    The three should be checked to make sure they are okay -- probably only for some few people they may interfere with some meds, looks like damiana might do that the most or maybe it is used also for treating anxiety or depression? I do NOT know... Helpful to zoloft and xanax takers? All of those pills I DEFINITELY do not like, albeit I am not a doctor. I do know some alternatives, and prozac has caused some grievous and strange things esp in teens or younger. Ask the M.D., N.D., Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

    African tea for Type 2 Diabetes

    Source(s): Damiana cautions Bergamot much used as tea in colonial days, headache relief St John's Wort
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    Shouldn't hurt you unless you are drinking it by the gallon. One or two cups of herbal tea per day won't hurt you.

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    hmmm according to my calculations of reasonable conclusions no

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