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My yahoo adrs was comprimised and sent spam to all my contacts, how do I fix this?

Someone sent spam via my yahoo address to all my contacts...I have upgraded to the new yahoo...but now I can't send any emails out

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    (Sorry it's a long answer, but it's complicated question/solution. I've done much reading and much research for it.) This has been happening to both Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, but even more so recently. Your address may have been found in someone else's infected computer address book, and is being used by spammers. You may have opened an infected Spam mail or an attachment. If none of these mails show in your Sent folder, it is not your own computer that is infected. Check there first.

    1. Check that the alternate e-mail address is still the same, and then change both your password AND your secret questions and answers. Make them strong ones!

    2. Run both an anti-virus and spyware/malware scan, separately - even more than one malware scan, or Trend Micro's Housecall for an online a-v scan. (in 'Safe Mode with Networking' is best)

    Then delete cookies, cache and history in case the malware can 'self- reproduce' ...

    Also, for individual browsers, see:'s-Cache's-Cookie...

    3. Notify all your contacts NOT to open short e-mails, especially those with no subject, and definitely not to click any links. Warn them to scan for malware too, just in case. You might want to use a code word in the Subject line to prove it is a valid e-mail for a while - or set up an alternate 'alias' account to use instead. This allows you to use a different address but still keep all saved mails and contacts and the first address active too for incoming mail. (alternate address)

    4. If these spams/spoofs do not stop, you will need to set up a new account. (new address)

    5. Read the Ask Leo newsletter reference - it applies to Yahoo mail too.

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    To simplify:

    1. Check for tampering with your alternate email contact address and fix if necessary.

    2. Change your password.

    3. Do not click links from within your spam. Those can run malicious scripts that can tell your logged in webmail to send spam.

    Also, check to see if the spammer has deselected your mail option from the default setting of saving sent mail. Put your own address in your address book. That may give you a warning if your account is sending spam to it.

    Yahoo might unlock your account after the spamming stops, or you might have to contact Support (Good luck with that!)

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