What is the name of this anime? It used to be on demand for either RCN or comcast?

It's a pretty perverted anime as well as comedy. I remember at least two main characters. They're both girls and seem to be opposites of each other.

One girl specifically is really nice and oblivious and bleeds profusely from her mouth (ie. when she starts bleeding from her mouth it's funny because it's that cartoonish thing where people joke that they can possibly drown from the amount) I think she has blue hair

The other girl is more... mean I suppose? More alert? I think she has pink hair. I know there is a brown haired boy who really likes her and wants to have sex with her

I don't know if it was just one episode or it is the plot but they switch bodies from time to time?

Can anyone help me? I watched a few episodes in 2005 if not before when I had that cable provider. I remember chobits was another anime on the on demand list if that helps at all.

I cannot for the life of me remember much more than that and I'm so curious!

Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Uh, well. the two girls sound like Hyatt and Excel from Excel Saga....and from the plot you describe, I suspect you saw the infamous Episode 26, which was not made for broadcast and was too inappropriate for Japanese TV. In it, Hyatt and Excel switch bodies, Watanabe takes Hyatt (in Excel's body) to a love motel, and Hyatt spews a whole lot more blood than usual. :D

    The rest of the series is great, but not QUITE as extreme as that episode. It was originally made as sort of an extra.


    You can watch the English dub online free from Anime News Network.


  • 9 years ago
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