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Can you put clear nail polish on stretch marks?

I was just wondering cause i have some but im very young help...


I mean to make them go away not just for fun.

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    I have used excel skin care and this is a real miracle worker! i have stretch marks thanks to motherhood. I’ve tried SO many products and i was beginning to think laser removal was my only hope. :/ that is until i found this product. Amazing product!!! After 3 days of use I've notice a huge difference!!! My husband was shocked!! Love it!!!. Great price too! I have no regrets! Love it! My stretchmark’s are nearly gone and i couldn’t be happier! i will most definitely continue using this product until my stretch marks are gone (: I bought mine on amazon…

    This is the link I used:

    Definitely recommended!!!!

    Good Luck!!

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    10 years ago

    Other people don't care that much about our skin but we ourselves do because when we can't hide behind our clothes we think that's the first thing they notice. Some people are comfortable in their skin no matter what but if you struggle with self-esteem like I do then you should try reduce their appearance.

    Many people told me to get over it but I couldn't so the only thing I found that really helped is to abrade (scrub) that layer of the skin. I was told this by my dermatologist and did some treatments at his office that costed me week paycheck, finally when I couldn't afford it any more I found you can get those same crystals and do it yourself at home without the machine.

    I got same results on my butt and hips like I got on my stomach in doctor's office. I don't want anyone else to suffer with low self-esteem because then you isolate yourself and don't socialize for something that's not your fault. Abrasive crystals I used are called medical crystals and it took 1 month for butt and 1.5 for hip marks to significantly reduce in size and now they are visible only if I pinch my skin really hard.

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    dont use polish use cocoa butter the kind that comes in a stick like face sun screen my mom used it and it worked great but its kinda pricey

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  • 10 years ago

    It won't help. Don't waste your time and polish.

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  • 10 years ago

    noooooooo, you should just buy cream for stretch marks

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