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how can i get finical aid for my studies?

i want to go to school , but i want to get finical aids that will able me to complect . i just enter the country??

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    Clarifications: You are a new resident in the USA. You are asking about financial aid to help pay for college/university in the USA. If so . . .

    If you have legal resident status, either a US student visa or a parent or guardian who is a legal US resident (either a naturalized citizen or a person who has legally applied for and been accepted for eventual US citizenship or a person holding a visa allowing them to live and work in the USA), then you can start to investigate colleges/universities that you may wish to attend and apply to for consideration for financial aid.

    In the USA, most colleges/universities require students applying for financial aid to be legal residents. If you are not, then you and/or your family may have to fund your entire college/university costs yourselves. Also, if you have moved to the USA to just attend a school of higher education and hold a US student visa, unless the school in which you may be enrolled offers financial aid specifically for its own international students, most options for financial aid will not be available to you. Plus, with a student visa your options for paid employment are limited.

    Most state universities and community colleges (both funded by taxpayer money) in the USA require residence in the area and/or the U.S. state for at least 1 full year before the student can qualify for resident/in-state tuition, which is lower in cost than non-resident/out-of-state tution. Plus, if you only have a student visa, you are not legally eligible to work for pay at any job that is not an on-campus job at the school you are attending.

    Some private/independent colleges/universities may have financial aid funds for just international students. Do not confuse private/independent colleges/universities with for-profit/career colleges, however.

    Here are links to info that explains the different types of higher education in the USA:

    * State university:

    * Community college:

    Scroll down to the section on the United States

    * Private/independent college/university:

    Scroll down to the section on the United States

    * For-profit/career colleges:

    If you already are interested in applying for acceptance to a particular college/university, then, I suggest you talk (by phone or in-person) with both an admissions counselor and a financial aid counselor at the school and find out your options. There are just too many "ifs" in my reply because I do not know you particular situation.

    You can also start learning about the options for international students in the USA by reading the information here:

    The well-respected College Board web site has some good information too:

    I also recommend you go to the local public library and talk with a reference librarian (at the reference or information desk) and ask him/her to help you find some good books written for international college students in the USA. Ask how you can obtain a free library card to borrow the books you find, too.

    To get you started, this is a brief list of books the library may or may not hold:

    Title: Succeeding as an international student in the United States and Canada

    Author: Charles Lipson

    Publisher: Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008

    Title: International student handbook 2010. 23rd edition

    Author: College Entrance Examination Board.

    Publisher: New York: College Board : Distributed by Macmillan, 2009

    The library may have the 24th edition or one that is not as new. The basic information should still be useful in an edition that is a year or two older.

    There may be an organization or two in the area where you live that offers counseling/advising services to new immigrants in the USA. Ask a librarian about the names, addresses and phone numbers of any such organizations. Telephone and talk with a person at one of the organizations regarding your questions.

    Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!

    Find your local Public Library at:

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Former college administrator + Reference/information librarian
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    It fairly is dependent upon the tuition. If you haven't maxed out your monetary support for the autumn and spring it's feasible. However, at my tuition, they are saying they do NOT provide publication vouchers for the summer time. So, I could examine it out early, seeing that books as you already know can also be very pricey. I could pass to the monetary support workplace and talk to an support employee.

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