How do you double coupons?

Okay so I am aware that my Kroger Store doubles coupons, how do I go about doing that?

Do I have to ask "Please double these"?

Do they double them automatically?

Do you have any experience doing this, or "Extreme Coupon-ing"?

Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Kriss
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    9 years ago
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    the Kroger stores where I live don't double coupons (in fact no grocery stores in my area double coupons) and the Kroger stores where my cousin lives only double coupons on Wednesdays but they triple coupons on Sundays.

    Check your store's coupon policy to see when they do the double coupon days. They may do them every day or they may only do them once or twice a week.

    you won't have to ask for the coupons to be doubled. Unless the coupon has a line on it that says it can't be doubled the doubling is automatic.

    also note, some stores have a limit to how much they will double a coupon. Some will only double coupons up to 50 cents (which would make the coupon $1 off) and some will only double coupons up to $1 or until the item is free, whichever is cheaper. (which means if doubling the coupon will make the coupon worth more than the item then you'll get the item for free & they won't give you a store credit or cash back for any overage on that item or if doubling the coupon will make the coupon over $2 then they will only count the coupon as $2.)

    that's the other trick to couponing, you need to know if the store will give you cash back or a store credit if your purchases have a negative grand total. otherwise you need to make sure that you have enough items to absorb the overage so you don't lose it.

    something I noticed on the last show I watched: one of the women had an item that was buy one get one free and she used 2 coupons to cover that purchase (1 coupon for the item she was buying plus one coupon for the free item to bring the cost of the item she was paying for down.) This is where it pays to know your coupon policies. the stores in my area tell you specfically that you can only use a coupon for the item you are actually paying for. they won't allow you to use two coupons in that case (but I did get around that one on one purchase: I had a coupon for $1 off when you purchase 2 & they allowed me to use that on my buy one get one free deal)

    bonus note: if you live in one of the states that will pay you a cash deposit for your plastic & glass drink bottles then don't forget to turn those in because you can add that cash as payment for your grocery bill.

    1. know your store's coupon policy

    2. pay attention to your store's weekly sale paper

    3. buy the smallest item you can for the biggest discount (that's when sizes aren't specified on the coupons)

    4. buy your items when they are on sale.

    5. be prepared to buy multiple items & create a stock pile. (I live in a hurricane zone & have an odd work schedule with sporadic pay throughout the year so it's worth it to me to keep a 3 to 6 months of supplies on hand for my lean months. meanwhile one of my neighbors is LDS & she keeps a year's worth of supplies on hand.)

    6. don't be brand loyal & don't be afraid to try new products but also don't buy items you don't like & won't use. (if you must buy items you dislike & don't use then donate those items and take the tax write off for them)

    Source(s): I regularly purchase about $200-$300 worth of food for $50 to $75. maybe once or twice a year I may snag a store credit for what I purchase. but I only spend about 2 to 3 hours a week planning my menu & writing up my grocery list & I have never spent more than an hour and a half in the grocery store.
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    Does Kroger Do Double Coupons

  • Zoe
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    4 years ago

    Usually those double coupon places have limitations on the type of coupons they will double, sometimes something like under a dollar and buy one get one free are not double-able.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Answer: I would simply make a comment, and ask if these would be doubled today?

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  • Roddy
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    9 years ago

    It's automatic. Some stores double, some only double on certain days of the week, and some don't double at all. Some will only double up to a certain amount. One of our stores only goes up to .50 cents.

    Have you got the $5 off Bounty coupon? You can only get it on Fridays and you have to be quick. You have to have a Facebook page so you can like them.

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