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Angry Teen Snaps On A Hardcore Old Man In Florida After Calling Him A Typical Black Punk?

Did yall see this video that's about to go viral? Skip to ~5 minutes if you wanna skip the B.S. arguing.

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    The black kid DID NOT start it. Yes he was a smartmouth in this situation and wasnt all innocent. However, judging from how it all started the white man STARTED IT. You cant just go flicking somone off the first time around for being on your "property" if there is no fencing or signage to justify that in the first place. Instead a respectful man would let one know that you cant come on this property with some manners, and in return a man with some sense will respect that and not do it again. Old man was out of line for that and also for cursing at the kid, and pushing him first. He got what he deserved from this patient and calm young dude.

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    ****** shouldve used that old man as a boogie board in the pond - in other words he deserved that push. No he wasnt acting tough for the camera, he got provoked by those old man hands on him and **** got real. If the old man was ballsy enough to get in his face then he can take that push like it was nothing. And he did, got right back up.. so throw the whole "respect your elders" thing out the door lol

    Im just concerned about the Part2 and if the man got decked in the face

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    Myhusband is blk, our kids are mixed and Im white, I think the kid responded perfectly since that old man was clearly NUTTY, and if he was my kid, that old man would've had a whole bag of problems in his lap after that and I guarentee the HAO would have been told of the incident as well as the police and all my gangsta people too. Like to see him react to a whole city of blk folks all around that pond...we'll the 10 feet of public property anyway lol. Bet no more verbal diareaha drip off his tongue then!! Typical racist punk ***** looked like he wanted to go get back in bed with his sister when that boy finally got pissed off lol

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    Obviously, the old man was pissed about the young man walking through his yard on some previous occasion.. There was some hostile exchange between them which happened earlier, which was not caught on video. The young guy was wrong for trespassing on the private property of residents in that neighborhood. You can't just walk your dog on private property. However, the old man tried to play tough guy and got in the young guys face first. He also pushed the young man. He's old enough to know that you can't just put your hands on someone else. HE got what he deserved.

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    The black punk actually got what he deserved. He was the one that came over there running his mouth. HE STARTED IT. Not that old guy. You people are probably just black as well, and you are taking your own race, regardless of the fact of what happened. WHY DOES THIS EVEN HAVE TO BE ABOUT RACE. Can you people just grow up, and get over it? JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY. And don't judge because of someone's skin color, age, religion, or anything like!

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      He called him by his color duh! Its racist...and he pushed him

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    I like how the kid pushed him, then the camera turns to the old guy and he's like 12 feet away.

  • I'm bout to get on my typical black person response:

    -Ni99a Moment Begin-

    If that was me...dude would've been floating in that pond as soon as he said "Black punk". And his man would've been in there too with the fishing rod in his azz..

    -Ni99a Moment Over-

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    Yeah..... tough kid there. He could push a 60 year old man down an incline. And to the douchebag who commented above.....yep....typical n***** response.

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