Questions about bringing a hedgehog over to USA border from CANADA?

I’m planning on buying a hedgehog from Vancouver, Canada as I visit and bringing her back to California, USA. (hedgehogs are illegal in CA) If I cross the border in Washington (hedgehogs ARE legal in WA) then is it legal for me to have her if I live in CA? If not, how can sneak her across the border with no harm to her? If I get caught, what would be the consequences?

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    Policies at international borders change frequently depending upon a wide variety of variables, which include supervisory attitudes and policies, attitudes of individual immigration and customs officials, "be on the lookout" notices, regulatory changes, etc. These conditions apply on both sides of the border. If you are obtaining the hedgehog from a Canadian breeder, that breeder should know what the regulations and local policies are for border crossings. No respectable breeder (see the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance web site) will sell a hedgehog to a person living in a state where they are illegal to possess, for the reasons i have given, below.

    As I stated in answer to your question in "Pets - other:" There are several complications in having a hedgehog in one of the six states where they are illegal, which includes Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Maine. It does not matter where you obtained the hedgehog, s/he will still be illegal to possess in California. Although enforcement of this law is not particularly energetic in California, authorities must act if there is a report or complaint (which may come from some unlikely places - neighbors, "friends," relatives, etc.). If the hedgehog is seized, s/he will be either destroyed or sent to our rescue, which is a state and federally licensed hedgehog rescue in Colorado from one of four airports - San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento - to Denver. We have six hedgehogs arriving next week from Los Angeles on frontier Airlines. However, the hedgehog is at far more risk from the lack of availability of adequate veterinary care than from confiscation. Many veterinarians will not see illegal animals and those that might will usually not have the experience or skill to treat these unusual animals. For example, one veterinarian in northern California that signed the health travel certificates for two hedgehogs dropped off at a pet store, identified them as two males. Upon their arrival here, it turned out that they were a male and a female, most probably brother and sister. i hope this information is helpful. Solution: Move to Colorado. Best wishes, Z. G. Standing Bear at The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue Inc., in Divide, Colorado USA

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    Crossing the border with the hedgehog is more of a federal issue haha. If it's legal to bring a hedgehog into the United States (I don't know this), then you will have no issue bringing her in. She may have to go through quarantine though, as cats and dogs do <--- again, I don't know this portion either.

    As for not having her in CA, once you get her into the US the issue is over. No one is going to check your car lol as you cross into CA. That's assuming you're driving, but as I write this I realize you may be flying. If that is the case, then it could be more complex. I would likely just suggest driving if it's not viable to fly her into CA.

    I would just pack her up like a cat and hope that no one knows the CA rule? =) People will likely be so freaked out over just the hedgehog's presence that you may only have to face the quarantine if nothing at all.

    If you manage to get her into CA though, just note that at any time they can "confiscate" her if the issue ever comes up (someone reports you etc.) You will not have the legal upper-hand in this situation because you are breaking California's law.

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    well I'm no hedgehog officionado but if its legal in WA then breaking the country border will be no problem, and honestly, i feel that you will have no issue getting to Cali with it. Trust me, I live in California and I've wanted a hedgehog for as long as i can remember but I dont think it should be a problem. Just keep it on the low...

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    US law requires that you use a US passport to enter and leave the US! If you are breaking the law you will get questioned at best but if you use a Canadian passport to enter the US when you are a US citizen you are breaking the law! There are other documents that you can use when crossing the border between the US and Canada BUT a Canadian passport is not one of them when you are a US citizen. Basically you have to identify yourself and prove that you are an American citizen when entering the US. They do not care about any other citizenships. When in the US you are considered a US citizen ONLY!

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    I have never been asked "Do you have any hedgehogs"? We bring our dog over the border, but they need a rabies vaccination, so maybe a hedgehog needs the same

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