How many game of thrones episodes are there in the first series? also how many series will there be?

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  • 10 years ago
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    There are 10 episodes in Season 1, which covers the first book. Season 2, which covers the 2nd book, has been green-lighted, but I haven't heard officially how many episodes there will be. The author said that he's hoping for 12.

    If it gets approved, Book 3 will probably need 20+ episodes to do very well, so there is talk that it would need to be split into 2 seasons.

    Book 4 is shorter, could probably do 1 season with 10-12 episodes.

    Book 5, which is coming out next month is supposed to be about as long as Book 3.

    There is supposed to be 7 books in the series, but there's been rumor that it could take 8 books to wrap up the story.

  • 10 years ago

    Season/series one will have 10... (Episode 9 is due tonight with the last one next Sunday)

    the original pitch stated that it'd be a book a Season/Series...

    however many, including the author realize that some of the longer books may need more...

    If i recall...2 of the books were originally intended as one book, but they were divided along Characters so while both books occur in the same time span, charters from book A do not appear in Book B and vise versa... so chances are when those books make it to TV they will likely break it down into 3 seasons for the 2 books... with the story broken down by time rather than character (otherwise half the cast will be off at any given time)

    as I understand it 4 books are Published, the fifth is due soon after this Season concludes... leaving 2 more to be written... the previous answerer's comments on an 8th book are the first I've read of that situation (but considering the original Plan was for a Trilogy to have been completed over 8 years ago) and now that we are looking at 7 books, an 8th isn't beyond possibility

    another thing to consider, with 2 (or 3) books still locked in the Author's head... HBO may expand seasons just to buy him more time not that they finish all the completed books and he's taking 5 years to finsih the last one

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