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Sims 3 World Adventures?

How well do the features of Sims 3 World Adventures translate to normal gameplay? Are the new skills fun/usable in normal towns? Or is normal neighborhood gameplay completely unaffected by the new features?

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    I often tell people not to get World Adventures as a first expansion purely because I think there's very little that translates to every day gameplay.

    The new traits and skills are good fun in some ways, but it's mainly concentrated around telling other sims about experiences abroad, sharing new songs etc, and obviously displaying artefacts found while exploring the new foreign towns. There's quite a bit of new content in terms of hairstyles, clothing, make up, furniture, and decorations, but there's not really that much use for quite a lot of it.

    It's still worth getting though, in my opinion the 'adventures' make the sims seem much more like a proper 'game'. Once you take your sim on holiday it becomes more of an objective based game, which is a lot of fun and gets quite addictive! :)

    Here's a link to a World Adventures features list which has a section explaining the extensions of every day game play:

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