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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

can anyone help me find the movie please?

hi , A few years ago i watch this movie one night . I cannot remember who starred in it , title or anything . Really helpful ... not!.

I remember a little about the plot and wondered if anyone know what I was on about.

Its an erotic (poison ivy) type drama , i think it came out in the 1990`s probably mid to late 1990`s, guessing 95 onwards .It was American


A single mum, meets this guy called billy ( he was hot!) he brings him home one night and introduces him to her teen daughter i think she`s about 15/16.

The daughter fancies him.

The mum is an alcoholic and kisses her daughter goodnight and goes to bed. The daughter and billy are on their own watch tv and he`s sitting in the armchair while she`s giving him a back massage .They then have sex , next morning she goes in with a cup of coffee for her mum and there is this awkwardness between her and billy . He wants to forget what happened and proceeds to ignore her . When she should be in school( i guess) she goes to see him at work. I think he works in a cafe , bar etc and he won`t talk to her . She tells the guy he works for she really needs to talk to billy . He agrees grudgingly and they go and talk im thinking its the cellar . (It`s been 10 years or more since iv`e seen this) and i think she got pregnant by billy.

Can`t remember anything else i`ve tried imdb and google ....

Further info:

The girl was about 15 / 16 , had light bown hair shoulders or past , slim build fairly quiet as was billy

the mum was Blonde , fairly tall and pretty , lots of alcohol , drugs etc and she worked in a factory as she was using the sewing machine in one scene .

Billy was dark haired , fit , muscly not to much quite tanned , (eddie cibrian young dean cain`s build if that helps) . He wore a plaid shirt i think before the massage . any suggestions i am really grateful 4 your imput xxx id love 2 see it again !!

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  • Riley
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    This sounds really familiar..the movies that come to mind are Thirteen and White Oleander, though both the girls are blonde or dirty blonde

    Thirteen -

    White Oleander -


    Remembered the name! It's called Sweet Temptation!

    Sweet Temptation (1996)

    Jade is a sixteen year old girl with all the problems a teenager faces. Moreover, her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother Jesse. Jesse falls in love with Billy, a much younger man who is also divorced and has two little kids. When Billy comes to live with her mother, Jade feels really uncomfortable; and maybe she is attracted to him...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    the orphan.

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