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Black American ----> Wants to move to Europe?

I'm a 20 year old young black american female , you know black slavery in America . Not an African-Immigrant 3rd generation child . Any who , I don't want to live in the USA anymore, once I finish graduate school ... I want to move to Europe . I would like to go to Western Germany but am open to any country in Europe that's open-minded to blacks and rarely any severe racism towards blacks .

Can anyone list off a few other countries to me ?

Have any Ideal on how I can prepare myself for the move?

How much money should I save before moving?

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    Go to the embassy site for the country you are interested in. For Germany that would be:

    1. A bank account

    2. health insurance

    3. valid us passport

    4. conversational german

    You have 30 days to register your residency at the mayor's office. Most of the EU will have similar requirements. i would bring two suitcases and about $40k.

    Forget about Switzerland. They are elitist b@astards handling very dirty money. Their german requirement is above what Germany requires.

    Not sure what you seek, but I've talked to Africans that are puzzled about what and why American blacks present themselves the way they do.

    And so, my good woman, Europe is an Adult Society whereas the American is Childish, truly myopic in navel gazing, always looking for its youth. I would say (if you travel some) you will gain a broader mind and miss the warmer climate of America.

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    WIthout a job and a visa you have no chance at all

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    good, get the hell out. be one less vote for obama. take as many of your friends with you as you can.

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