Good romance story on wattpad?

What are some good romance stories on wattpad? I mostly enjoy story's where the main character is in love with her bestfriends brother. I always love any romance story that doesn't have any magic in it or wolfs but I do like vampire stories. What are some good books for me to read? I have read " a superstitious relationship" and the one before that. I have read " some cuts don't heal" I have read" the bet" and " the kissing both"

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    9 years ago
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    "Dinner with a vampire...did I mention I'm vegetarian?"

    That's the only one I know. Even though it's cliched, the writing itself is pretty good. At least compared to a lot of stories on there.

  • 9 years ago

    You can try "Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot" at Wattpad. It's the first novel in a trilogy and the two protagonists are working their way to a big romance after a casual hookup. You can also read more and download the novel at

  • 9 years ago

    It's not on Wattpad but it's on Quizilla which is a similar site with lots of romance/fanfic/etc stories :)

    I hope you like this one! It's a romance with no vampires or werewolfs or anything like that. It's a highschool girl and its kind of a mystery and although theres no bestfriends brother relationship it hints that there might be a relationship with her teacher!

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  • Taylar
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    9 years ago

    why do i keep waking up beside my brother's best friend?!

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