HELPP!!! my 9 month old yorkie threw up!?

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my yorkie is 9 months old. we only changed her food once but it was 2 months ago. we bought her cesar dog treats and while we were sleeping she tore open the bag and eat like 9 of the more
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
Small dogs like yorkies have very very sensitive stomachs. I would say that the puppy's nausea is not related to the treat bag incident or the food change. She would've have been sick soon after both of those things. There could be any number of things wrong. I would strongly suggest searching through the house and looking for causes to her nausea. This sounds silly, but get down on her level and see what she sees. The yorkie might be getting into food that was dropped under the table or if you have another dog or a cat, maybe the yorkie is eating their food. Try taking her outside and (again this will sound silly) letting her eat grass. Most dogs and cats will eat grass to ease an upset stomach.
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  • Rosalie answered 3 years ago
    DO everything ELiza said - she is absolutely correct. I would add to examine all of your houseplants as well.
    Some dogs need severaal small meals a day, or they have stomach upset - discuss this with your vet (there is no harm in splitting up meals for now anyway) - but also if she throws up again today, get her looked at right away. WHile it can be just a sensitive stomach and possible allergy, it can also be an indication that she has an intestinal blockage from eating something she shouldn't. At least call your vet, even if you don't go in.
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  • Ellaina Castellina answered 3 years ago
    shes fine try keeping her on the same product though it kinda twists her stomach and give her a lot less treats feed her 2 times a day and then if she is still hungry give her some water if she doesn't drink it then give her the max of 2
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Did she eat anything else? Maybe she ate a pen or something. Maybe she had too much food. Did you give her more then normal?
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  • Lindsey C. Pink answered 3 years ago
    Maybe she's eating something you don't know about, like trash. Or she could be having allergic reactions to her food, they come late sometimes, even if it's 3 months late. If it passes 3 months, then it's not an allergic reaction to the food.


    My dog.
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