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what is the movie called where a girl gets pushed off of a building at a sorority house?

it was on life time movie network (LMN)

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    It might be Dying to Belong.

    "Lisa refuses to cooperate when the sorority require the two applicants to strip and strut back and forth across a table while the sorority call out degrading and hurtful names and draw on the candidates' skin. In consequence, Lisa is absent when the girls take Shelby up a clock tower to hang a banner. Shelby falls to her death when sorority sister, Drea Davenport, orders her to go over the railing. The next day, Shelby's death is declared a suicide."

    Or it might have been The Haunting of Sorority Row.

    "A college freshman suspects there is something sinister about the prestigious sorority to which she decided to pledge. She comes to find out that there is a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a pledge from the previous year. Too many questions and strange happenings add quite a twist to this tale."

    Hope this helps!

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    In the Psycho-Killer useless, Nightmare on Elm Street (at the same time no longer in a apartment, they're all within the equal vicinity) Halloween (equal factor) Friday the thirteenth (in a camp) 2001, a Space Odessy (on a spaceship) Alien, Aliens. Same factor Sahara, (the ancient Humphrey Bogart movie, takes location in World War Two Africa) Saving Private Ryan (trapped in a French Town) The Green Mile (in a jail demise row facility) Silent Running (70's sci-fi flick with Bruce Dern) Saturn Three (eighty's Sci-Fi Flick with Kirk Douglas, Farah Fawcett and an overly younger Harvey Keitel) The Amityville Horror Night of the Living Dead

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    You're not giving enough info for us to figure out what movie that is. Honestly, there's a lot of movies with a sorority girl who gets pushed off from a building..

  • 10 years ago

    Scream 2... Cece (Sarah Michelle Geller) bites the dust.

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