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Where can I find FDA approved anime contacts?

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    Any lenses that are FDA approved will be on an American website, which means that they have to follow federal laws about supplying contacts to the public.

    You won't be able to buy them without a written prescription from your eye Dr. on any US site. , or at least supply the Dr.s name and phone number so they can verify that you actually HAVE a prescription before sending them.

    Being FDA approved doesn't make the lenses any safer if they don't fit right , so a prescription is needed. FDA approved only means they are approved for sale within the US, IF the laws are followed.

    If you want to get them without a prescription ( even for lenses with no power ) , then you have to order from a foreign site where US laws don't apply. Places like Hong Kong don't bother with the expense and time involved in trying to get FDA approval because the FDA can't control what is bought over the internet from other countries.

    Not having FDA approval doesn't mean the lenses aren't of the same quality , it just means the company never sought approval to sell them in the US....because they don't have to. They can be sold online anyway whether the FDA likes it or not.

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