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Need help with Portal storyline?

Im thinking of getting portal 2 but everyone is saying i need to buy portal 1 first so i get the storyline. Can someone breifly explain what i need to know about portal 1 so i can get whats going on in portal 2

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    Portal 1, few things to know 1st:

    Your a girl whose name is Chell

    You have a dimensional portal that can help you get to tough places

    There is a talking robot throughout the game

    you go through tests.

    There is a hidden character called 'Rat-Man'


    You wake up in a 'sleeping' Chamber that has a toilet, bed, radio, and a clipboard. You are greeted by GLaDOS, who tells you that you are in Aperature science as a tester. You enter a portal after 1 minute after getting up from sleeping. You then go through a few tests and eventually get a Portal gun that can shoot only blue portals. Later on, you get the Orange portal as well. During this, GLaDOS says that at the end of the tests, you will be rewarded with cake.

    A couple of tests later after getting the portal guns, you meet a companion cube that has a heart, that you use for the test chamber. When you complete the Chamber, you have to toss away the cube to continue on the testing.

    When you complete the tests (19 tests overall in the story), you find out that you are slowly entering a batch of fire that will kill you. You use your portal gun to escape it and try to get out of there. And yes, this does mean that the Cake is a LIE. During your time trying to find a way out, you find out that the place has been abandoned for ages, and that GLaDOS probably killed every worker.

    You eventually find your way to GLaDOS'es chamber. When she's saying that someone going to get Chell in a while, a purple core falls down adn you throw it into a fire pit. After that, GLaDOS then gets a little re-write and GLaDOS voice get's lower. GLaDOS then tells you that the core you threw away was a neurotoxin repel core that stops GLaDOS from using neurotoxin again, due to the fact that she used it once before, she activates it, and you've got 5 minutes to get rid of the other cores on her.

    After you get rid of them, the top of the chamber is breaking apart and you start to fly up there. You wake up on ground and you black-out.

    In 2010, Vlave updated the Ending to make Portal 2 be part of the story. In this new ending, you wake up on hard concrete, and you are being pulled away by a robot (You don't see it, but is presumed to be Rat-Man as a robot).

    Just a little info about Portal 2, it is centuries later and your still alive due to the fact that you were frozen, and GLaDOS is still alive.

    Hope this help. :)

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    Portal Storyline

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    Need help with Portal storyline?

    Im thinking of getting portal 2 but everyone is saying i need to buy portal 1 first so i get the storyline. Can someone breifly explain what i need to know about portal 1 so i can get whats going on in portal 2

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    If you want the full Portal experience, play the first Portal game WITHOUT GETTING SPOILED which is pretty much impossible now and you probably have been spoiled by the other answers ;o; it is too late.

    It's not just the storyline; it's the experience, the shock, the =O factor that came with the first game. If you have been spoiled by others/played Portal 2, Portal 1 would be meh. I played Portal when Orange Box came out (I wanted Episode 2), mind = blown. Now, probably not so much. Portal 1 was and still is thought by some critics as an almost *perfect* game, and that can tell you something about it. Portal 2 is awesome but it will spoil Portal 1 for you.. forever.

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    Its not really just the storyline of Portal 1 you need to get, its the whole the game. Part of the interest at the start of Portal 2 is you actually run through the wreckage of some of the puzzle rooms from the original game. And playing the first game is a great way to pick up on whats going on because I could sit here and tell you what happens but its not really the same thing as playing it. Part of the Portal series is just the feeling and the connections and the odd pieces of irony and comedy you just wouldnt get from hearing someone tell you the story because there was so much minor detail in the first game that they pull apart and feed back to you in the second.

    Honestly, I can not tell you enough good things about Portal 1, if your going to buy Portal 2 you should buy Portal 1. Hell, even if your not going to buy Portal 2 you should buy Portal 1. Its a fantastic game.

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    Um, it would be best if you get Portal 1. Portal 2 has some of the basic game play concepts, though they aren't as obviously explained. And Portal 1 is only about 3 hours, so it shouldn't take too long to beat.

    Anyway, you're in Aperature Science, a science company. Glados is a robot and she is doing the testing. The whole time she says random, funny things like "When you finish the testing, you will be baked, and then there will be cake." At the end you fight her and kill her, but you see something drag you off at the end. Then starts Portal 2.

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    edit: OH NO PAUL SPOILER ALERT OH NO [rant](Darn it, stop it with the cake. Anybody who jokes about the cake haven't played Portal 2. It's such a bad joke that even the devs say that they don't like it in interviews. I don't know if this is any spoiler, but there is absolutely no cake in Portal 2. None.) [/rant] Anyway, the story is good. There is an actual sort of story this time, with a clear progression and all. It might be a letdown to some (like me) as it is completely unlike the simple-yet-deeply-interesting story the first one had, but it is arguably a "better story". Not gonna spoil anything, but it is more epic in proportion to say the least.

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    You don't technically NEED o buy the first game, all you need is to search up the storyline. So basically, you play as a woman named Chell, and have test the ASHPD in seemingly endless test chambers, until finally taking down the AI, GLaDOS. In the second game, you awaken 20 years later, and meet a personality core named Wheatley. Wheatley attempts to help Chell escape, but accidentally re-activates GLaDOS, and the story goes on from there. Have Fun!

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